Think Shops


In Think Shops participants work on a very specific strategic challenge of highest complexity in a company, market or the public domain. They are accompanied by top scientists and coaches of a visual reasoning language.


Components of the Think Shop

  • Introduction to a visual reasoning methodology that supports the human brain in dealing with high-level of complexity and represents knowledge in an interactively re-thinkable format
  • Study of selected powerful thought patterns and hands-on exercises in applying those to the challenge at hand


The Key Take Aways

  • Concrete strategic proposals for a challenging issues
  • An even stronger team to carry out the strategic proposal following the Think Shop
  • Massively improved capability of participants to think innovatively and to develop solutions for unprecedented challenges


Who should attend

  • Managers from the private and public sector who already work or will work together on the challenge.



  • 5 to 7 days workshops to be booked in 1 to 2 blocks
  • Maximum 10 people addressing a very specific strategic challenge of highest complexity