Welcome to Parmenides Academy

The Place for Thinking, Strategy Building and Decision Making

In times when complexity explodes and structural change becomes a permanent process, solutions to novel challenges have to be developed from scratch. Advanced research on the foundations and frontiers of human thinking produces powerful insights, which help us to structure this new complexity and to interpret and shape processes of structural change.

Parmenides Academy adopts the results of pioneering research and elevates advanced thinking skills to the subject of tailor-made supportive seminar programs for decision makers from the private and public sector.


Tailor-made seminars and workshops based on state of the art research on complex thinking

Parmenides Academy is located in Pöcking, Germany and offers international seminars, workshops and fireside chats, in which executives from the private and public sector are supported, trained and accompanied in managing complex thought and decision-making processes. All programs are tailor-made for the group of participants and the individual challenges participants are facing.

Parmenides Academy has been set up in cooperation with Parmenides Foundation, an international research organization, which is dedicated to fostering multi-disciplinary cooperation in understanding thinking. The insights and conclusions of the pioneering research are applied in all programs of Parmenides Academy.


Our lecturers

Our lecturers are renowned experts in their scientific fields and have at the same time acquired substantial experience in the consultation of leading public institutions and governments, as well as global players in the entrepreneurial sector.

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Thomas Filk
Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg

Professor of Physics

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Benedikt Grothe
Director Munich Center for Neuroscience, LMU

Professor of Neurobiology

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Ernst Poeppel
Director Parmenides Center for Art & Science

Professor of Medicinal Psychology

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Albrecht von Mueller
Director Parmenides Center for the Study of Thinking

Inventor of visual reasoning language EIDOS™

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Eoers Szathmáry
Director Parmenides Center for the Conceptual Foundations of Science

Professor of Biology