Partnership in Thinking: A New Form of Cooperation


Globalization, the transition to a knowledge based economy and the self-accelerating techno-scientific progress are driving increasing complexity and permanent structural change. This leads to qualitatively new challenges that the individual, companies, or institutions have to deal with.

In order to solve highly complex problems and developing fundamental innovations Parmenides Academy offers a new form of cooperation between scientists and decision makers: “Partnership in Thinking”.

Four to eight executives of one organization join a 4-day workshop bringing a complex strategic challenge with them. After a detailed preparation by the team of the Parmenides Academy participants

  1. develop a genuinely novel approach to their challenge,
  2. work in cooperation with internationally leading scientists,
  3. use thought patterns as prisms to develop radically new solutions and
  4. are accompanied by the inventor of the methodology Parmenides EIDOS as means for strategizing.