The Cognitive Excellence Program (CEP)


In the CEP top scientists familiarize the participants with a powerful visual reasoning language and 24 selected thought patterns from different disciplines.


Components of the Curriculum

  • Introduction to the theory of complex thinking and its neurobiological foundation
  • Introduction to a visual reasoning methodology that supports the human brain in dealing with complexity and represents knowledge in an interactively re-thinkable format and its application to specific challenges
  • Study of 24 powerful thought patterns and hands-on exercises in how-to-apply these thought patterns (50%)


The Key Take Aways

  • Improved capability to think innovatively and to develop solutions for unprecedented challenges
  • Specific strategic proposals for challenging issues – equivalent to the output of high-level consulting
  • A major push for the corporate innovation and CQ culture (corporate intelligence quotient) and systematic focus on IP generation and its utilization
  • A strong cross-cutting network of alumni and future co-operation partners
  • A powerful means to attract and keep high potentials, i.e. to succeed in the “war for talents”
  • A strong, pre-connected task force for demanding innovation and transformation projects – and for trouble-shooting, if needed


Who should attend

Strategic thinkers and decision makers, in particular

  • Executives from the private and public sector
  • High potentials



  • 12 day seminar in blocks of 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 days as suitable
  • Groups of 6 to 18 participants; single bookings are possible on request